My wrist shot has improved 100% and my confidence has soared. Thanks to the Stealth Hockey Program videos. 

Cameron - Age 9

I was impressed and your knowledge/delivery exceeded my expectations which were already high in light of  your credentials/experience. 

Stephen - Parent

Our team improved as a group. I was able to focus my on-ice practice plans knowing the skills were covered off-ice.

Bill - Coach

Why is Our Program Unique?

The "H" Puck

The "H" Puck is a custom made heavy puck specially designed by Greg Gravel, our Program Director.

This is a picture of the original stainless steel  "H" puck that is almost 40 years old. 

It is the "H" puck combined with the specialized instruction in our videos that allow players to set themselves apart from the competition.

Blog posts

Why should you have a Shooting Coach?

What a great question. Most people would hear this and chuckle to themselves. Seriously, who needs a shooting coach anyway, isn’t that a little much? The answer is that all players, from the youngest to the oldest, from a beginner to a pro can use a shooting coach. Quite simply, it is another tool in the toolbox...

How to Prepare for Playoffs

For hockey players and their parents getting themselves ready for their Local, Provincial/State or National playoffs, this time of the year can be stressful but also a fun and exciting time. 

Often, for no fault of their own, many hockey players and their teams...

Why Did I Start this Program?

Hi. My name is Greg Gravel and I started this program unofficially years ago after watching my own four boys playing the game first hand when coaching.  It really didn’t matter what town or what rink I was at, what remained the same was the gap in shooting and puck handling by most of the participants.