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Why should you have a Shooting Coach?

What a great question. Most people would hear this and chuckle to themselves. Seriously, who needs a shooting coach anyway, isn’t that a little much? The answer is that all players, from the youngest to the oldest, from a beginner to a pro can use a shooting coach. Quite simply, it is another tool in the toolbox...

How to Prepare for Playoffs

For hockey players and their parents getting themselves ready for their Local, Provincial/State or National playoffs, this time of the year can be stressful but also a fun and exciting time. 

Often, for no fault of their own, many hockey players and their teams...

Why Did I Start this Program?

Hi. My name is Greg Gravel and I started this program unofficially years ago after watching my own four boys playing the game first hand when coaching.  It really didn’t matter what town or what rink I was at, what remained the same was the gap in shooting and puck handling by most of the participants.