Why Did I Start this Program?

Hi. My name is Greg Gravel and I started this program unofficially years ago after watching my own four boys playing the game first hand when coaching.  It really didn’t matter what town or what rink I was at, what remained the same was the gap in shooting and puck handling by most of the participants.  I often wondered how come most lacked this most important skill set. So, with the love of the game at heart I embarked on a very exciting journey and after years of trials and effort, I decided to take the plunge and formalize The TRUE Hockey Program - The ART of Shooting!   

The TRUE Hockey Program was developed for all ages and skill levels. It teaches the basics to all and can also be a great reset for any hockey player. It is never too late to learn to shoot properly.

Why did I create this program? Simply put, so all hockey players can learn to play this beautiful game to the fullest and to experience the ultimate objective!  SCORING GOALS as a player or as a team.

Let me explain what it is I am saying here. When a hockey player vibrates with the energy to shoot to score, the game becomes clearer, the opposition reacts differently.  The game opens up. More offensive options develop. 

True team play happens!  

This my friend is what can be described as taking advantage of Time and Space.  Your vision of controlling the play, of ‘seeing the ice’ on an individual basis and as a member of your team now becomes reality!

And you do this because you want to score goals!

This is very real for many who now play the game. 

My passion for this great game began many years ago in my hometown of Kapuskasing, Northern Ontario, Canada, where winter meant hockey! Many, many hours were spent skating and playing this great game on our local outdoor rink; where free play was all my friends and I knew! And boy did we play!  And boy did we shoot pucks! There was no question about it, I wanted to score goals!  In a nutshell, and quite obviously, the 20 to 30 hours of ice I would take in week after week, were then easily translated into my games. All this free play was now becoming very natural to me.

In summary, the key to all this was and will always be, repetition, repetition, repetition...done perfectly for the love of the sport and with the passion to want to be the best!

So where do we go from here and how can an aspiring hockey player hope to develop this powerful skill set when accessing ice surfaces where uninhibited free play can be possible day in day out, are simply not available? 

Your guess is correct! 

The TRUE Hockey Program as part of Stealth Hockey Training, was developed to emulate the development of this skill set, one session at a time so natural progression can happen in a real and fun way.

As part of the Stealth Hockey Program students will improve while training under the radar. The students will get better on their own time and then Boom, they show up at the rink and people are asking what they have been doing to improve their shot and puck handling skills. It can’t be hidden any longer, ask the goalie, they know best.   

This program will ensure that muscle memory building activities are easy to grasp so you can make it your own.  And, if you carry out the activities exactly as shown, your skill set will strengthen, and the expected outcome will be a hard, accurate quick shot!   

What does this mean? All key concepts are highlighted in each week's video that will demonstrate how the activity is to be done.  Additional details in your booklet will expand on each lesson so that it is a combination of watching and reading the theory behind the Power Hand, the Power Leg, your Back Leg and eventually to fully understand your Hockey Stance.  

As you become better with the puck, Time and Space will now actually mean something to you, and your shot will become lethal.

So now it's your turn, and remember, NEVER GIVE UP!  Your shot is depending on you!

Good Luck & Have Fun!