Unique - We use the one of a kind "H" puck as part of our shooting programs along with a distinct approach of introducing a soccer ball to reset the athlete's mental focus and build muscle memory through repetition. 

Opportunity - We provide players with the opportunity to train with a professionally designed program in the comfort of their own home, regardless of location, age or skill level. 

Financial Benefits - We deliver our programs via high-quality professional videos which in turns allows us to price the program so more players can benefit. 

Time Savings - Save valuable time without having to drive your son or daughter to training sessions. 

Independence - Our programs develop an athlete's time management skills. They learn to plan their week/day around completing their "homework:.

Targeted - All of our programs are 100% focused on improving hockey specific skills. Shooting, puck handling, developing a strong hockey stance which translates to increased time and space on the ice. 

Team Progression - Our programs allow teams to focus on skating, systems and tactics during their on-ice practices knowing individual skills are improving while off the ice.