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At Stealth Hockey Training we believe strongly in providing a level playing field for all hockey players. We have incorporated the word “Stealth” in our company name specifically because we encourage training behind the scenes, Under the Radar, so to speak.


Our athletes put in the work on their own time until they can no longer fly under the radar as the results of their off-ice training are translating on-ice and can no longer be hidden.


We believe we have found the best off-ice hockey training program that is focused on shooting and puck handling.  We have partnered with them to provide their custom program via professionally made videos. We have been extremely fortunate to partner with Coach Greg Gravel and his proven program which is The True Hockey Program.


Coach Greg Gravel - The True Hockey Program

Greg's coaching career spans over 35 years. Before he turned to coaching Greg had a very successful and lengthy hockey career that included being drafted in the first round of the OHL by the Oshawa Generals. He played four seasons in the OHL, earning a trip to the Memorial Cup with Oshawa and then being privileged to captain the Windsor Spitfires. 

Greg was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins and spend two seasons with their organization followed by a stint with the St. Louis Blues.

Greg recognized the importance of education and played 4 years while earning his Bachelor of Business Administration at UPEI as a student-athlete. He was an AUAA Rookie of the Year, MVP and CIAU All-Star while playing for the Panthers and was named to the All-Canadian team while leading the AUAA in scoring. 

Greg finished off the last years of his playing career with the Canadian National team and Division 1 hockey in France and Finland before turning his passion for hockey into coaching. While coaching Greg has developed his own hockey program, The True Hockey Program and the Art of Shooting, based on his vast experience playing in different programs and countries.

Greg's coaching philosophy is built around the belief that "Everybody is full of potential...so why not bring the best of this out!". 

By continually challenging the players skill level, self confidence and self esteem are naturally heightened, translating into player and team success.




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Coach Greg Gravel